Why advertisers should use Planet V

Automated, accessible, simple-to-use, configurable - Planet V has been designed by and for the TV industry to deliver against your distinct needs and objectives. Handpick the targeting options best suited to you and build your brand with reach, impact and relevance.

Why broadcasters should join Planet V
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Benefit from a breadth of targeting. Use our powerful first-party data, third-party partner data, or bring your own.

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Make budgets work harder by reaching the prospects and customers most relevant to your campaign.

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Simple to use

Via an intuitive interface, control how you plan, buy, and manage your campaigns.

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Fully flexible

Define your audiences, plan your campaigns, select your products and add-ons. 

30m Registered Users
400+ Targeting Options
100% Premium Content
24/7 Platform Access

Industry-leading features

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Supply exploration

Explore a wide range of inventory and commercial products across Planet V. 

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Campaign iteration

Create custom audiences, set flighting, budgets, frequency controls, and campaign restrictions.

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Campaign creation

Take control with our end-to-end workflow that allows you to approve, manage, and report on campaigns in real time.

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Data activation

Utilise self-serve tools to create custom agency and advertiser audiences. 

Pick a product to explore

Extending Linear

Activate beyond the TV screen. Boost your linear campaigns by bringing digital video inventory into the mix.

Extend your campaign reach by replicating your TV audience in our digital environments.

Discover our targeting options

How to complement your linear TV campaigns

Registered TV Audiences

Using highly accurate first-party data, create target audiences such as age and gender demographic segments.

Cover Plus

Extend your TV coverage by mirroring your linear campaign schedule in our online environments.


Create advertising roadblocks via prime digital pre-roll ads for a designated time.

Viewer Habits

Focus on the way they watch, not what they watch—from box setters to light viewers.

Content Alignment

Be where your audience is—and join the conversation.

Focus your messaging on their favourite shows, episodes, or the most-loved or talked about themes.

Discover our targeting options

How to be where your audience is

Trending Shows

Make your brand famous. Place your ad next to the most popular shows for maximum reach.


Align your brand with relevant programming genres and categories.


Cherry-pick the context that is most relevant to your brand and creative.

Refining Audiences

Access detailed audience segments to refine campaign targeting and amplify impact.

Activate our data options to reach the right people whenever, wherever, and however you choose. 

Discover our targeting options

How to refine campaign targeting

Precision Targeting, powered by Experian

Take your pick of 100+ distinct Experian segments.

Affinity Targeting

Target viewers with deep interests relevant to your brand, such as sport or fashion.


Target lifestage milestones (e.g. new families, home movers, retirees)

Purchase Insights

Access audiences based on purchase patterns and buying behaviours.

Data Match

Sync your first-party data with our registration data in a secure and GDPR compliant environment to reach existing or new customers.

Drive Time

Generate footfall by targeting people within a predefined driving distance of your physical store locations.


Maximise campaign optionality through the bespoke activation of all features and segments available in the platform.

Navigate our extensive inventory and targeting options to build campaigns tailor-made for you and your brand.


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